Stories: CRATE


I began working with Debra Stevenson of CRATE ten years ago when she founded her business in Puerto Vallarta. It was a winning concept for this growing town with new developments coming onto the market every year. With her background in import/export business in Los Angeles she came with reliable contacts. What Debra offers is an interior design package chosen from a virtual catalog based on preferences and style of the client. She seamlessly handles the importation of the hardware, furnishings, design elements and installs them without the necessity of the presence of the client. Regular updates are made virtually from the beginning to the completion of this process.

The truly unseen features: picking up all shipments and storing them until ready for installation; electric wiring based on the requirements of the components; delivery to unit; assembly of furniture: couches, side tables, shelves, tables, storage units; placement of all furniture; installation of art and design elements; and finally, maybe even more invisible, the necessity of efficient disposal of all packing and the final cleaning. Also offered are professional photography of the unit, especially valuable when units will list on the rental market.

This year, Debra’s tenth year at the helm of CRATE, she contracted me to capture the unseen installation process. It has been a fun process as well as an educational one. I had no idea so much was involved in a “simple” install. Simple you say? Simple I asked? Just watch!