July 2018

Josef Kandoll

What happens when it rains?

Rained out

About this Project

Yes, any wedding organized during the rainy season has the possibility of being “rained out”. Seeing that possibility, normally the back-up plan, the plan B, is to reserve a tent or a series of tents just in case they might be necessary. But what happens when: a) no tents are available (this happened a few years back, and wedding coordinators scrambled to find tents for rent all the way in Guadalajara); b) there is no space for tents; or, c) the aesthetic just isn’t part of the plan…?

So yes…what happens when it rains?

While certain precautions may be necessary for a photographer, the truth is, you can get some of the most amazing images when it rains. The images are unique and I bet most people, while they might not opt for rain on their own wedding, will envy the type of images that come out of dealing in a creative way what could otherwise be viewed as disaster.