July 2019

Josef Kandoll



Gigi Belanger


Quimixto, Beach.
Puerto Vallarta



About this Project

One of my favorite projects in the last couple of years was one that I did with Gigi Belanger for her retreat space she has been creating in Quimixto. On our first trip there, we were a team including myself and my associate Cergio, four friends who agreed to play “modeling” at the site, and several staff of Gigi who brought food, drinks, chairs, yoga mats and more. We began filming at the pier in Boca de Tomatlán which is generally the step-off point to get by boat or water taxi to the small coastal town of Quimixto. If the seas are not rough, you normally get dropped off on the beach close to the homestead. The walk to the site is quick, on the soft light sand of the beach. Passing through a crooked wooden gate, the property opens up toward the hills. Behind the lush garden you can spy the low, one-story house that has two bedrooms to accommodate from two to four people.

OK…enough description…now to the images that we created in our wonderful gorgeous day on the beach property of the retreat.

An aside…about a year later I returned to shoot images of the main house, which was still being renovated on that first trip. I slept overnight this time, as did my crew, and we loved it. Woke up totally refreshed and ready for another day of shooting!