April 2020

Josef Kandoll

Casa Cubo


Carl Timothy Real Estate Group


Col. Aralias,
Puerto Vallarta


Carl Timothy

Casa Cubo

About this Project

I love shooting residence whether they are houses, condos, apartments, villas, studios or ranches. Every residences exudes a personality whether of the owner, the designer, the architect, the developer. Or all of them in turn. My process in shooting a home is to first view it. I have to be ready to see. To see with more than just my eyes…I have to see how to use the house, how to live in it, how to relax and enjoy the space. This is where I would have my morning coffee, do my morning meditations. This is where I would invite a friend who might stop by, we would sit here to enjoy a glass of wine and the view.
You get the drift.
When I was buzzed in at the gate for Casa Cubo, the first thing that caught my eye right off the entrance to a large tree-shaded garden was a long-horned bull. Well, a life-size replica of a long-horned bull. Which, rather than looking at the entrance, was directed toward the front of the house, viewed beyond a winding path through the trees.
This was not the only surprise in this lovely eclectic house…right in the living room, next to the open stairs leading to the second floor, was a life-size replica of a horse. Yes, a horse, saddle and all, cowboy hat hanging nearby.
Passing through the house to the gorgeous back garden, I discover a very large sculpture of the meditating Buddha. And so on. This house was full of surprises. So much so that I asked one of the owners present why he would sell it, so clearly it reflected their heart and soul. It turns out that as the family was going to be growing by one more person, they were going to need more space.
So, can I tell you, this was one of my most favorite houses to shoot to date. While I did set the table, and we did some minor staging, truly the house could speak for itself in a language that even the most design-challenged person can understand. And so it is I present my images from Casa Cubo.