Project Description

A Condo in The “Cinco”

This is the third place I’ve photographed recently in 5 de Diciembre, or as is being commonly said, the “Cinco”. It’s the area between El Centro and the also-popular Versalles. The hills in 5 de Diciembre can be daunting, and this buIlding was no exception. Located on Costa Rica, it has one of the best open views of the bay.

Krista told me how it was important to be able to put the place on the market for rentals, primarily through AirBnB. I’ve done a number of shoots for them, and have a clear idea of what they ask for and require.

While her design work was not complete, only a few details were missing, so we decided to shoot, and then do a follow-up when she returns in October. Take a look. Not only do they have a beautiful place and an amazing view, but her gentle human touch really brings the units alive. There are five in total, each on its own level. Some are one-bedroom, others two, and most have their own kitchens and dining areas.