Project Description


Photographing families was what I grew up doing. I cut my teeth as a photographer by suggesting, and sometimes convincing, my numerous siblings to model or perform for me on our rambling farm. I also shot them working, or resting, or just having fun, playing baseball, swimming, climbing the hay bales. When our cousins would come over of a Sunday, I organized slide shows of my latest captures on the stairway of our farmhouse. We passed around baked goods to entice people to stay to the end of the reel, always a fun surprise.

To this day I love working with families. Typical times for family shoots are during the summer vacations, Christmas break, or here in Mexico, Semana Santa and Semana Pascua. Let me know if you need me to help you with the location, or if you have a place in mind, either works for me. I like to move around with families rather than staying static. This for two reasons, one being that kids, especially younger ones, have a shorter attention span, and need constant movement. The other is that it gives us further venues to explore and allows the chance to develop a comfort level for everyone to be able to capture them at their best, their most photogenic self. It can take time for one or more to feel comfortable in front of the camera in public spaces. For that reason as well I choose areas that are not as populated or if we decide on an area with people around, we will make it quick and move on so no one feels like a deer in headlights.